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Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion protection design certificate, gradeⅠqualification certificate of corrosion protection construction issued by China Industry Anticorrosion Technology Association are provided. It is devoted to corrosion monitoring technology research and development of industry equipment, design of corrosion on-line monitoring plan, corrosion management evaluation and integrated solution of corrosion prevention, and assisting users to effectively prevent accidents, ensure stable operation of equipment as well as realize safe production. The service scope covers various fields such as oil field, oil refining, chemical industry, electric power, energy. The following services are provided:

(a)Professional corrosion monitoring technology, providing corrosion control solutions by corrosion monitoring;

(b)Corrosion inhibitor evaluation, filling and management;

(c)Designing corrosion monitoring system according to field conditions;

(d)Full maintenance for corrosion monitoring system, ensuring system operation stability;

(e)Providing corrosion status analysis and evaluation opinions;

(f)Providing early warning service of failure;

(g)Corrosion monitoring technology consultation service

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